Daily Photos

Buildings are wrapped while they are being worked on (tort shield)

Between the hours of 11-4, there is always a line outside this place. It's a ramen restaurant where people sit down inside at a small counter (photos to come). It may be equivalent to a Pat's or Geno's of Japan, except for the hours.

It seems to be quite common that old buildings get sandwiched between modern high rises.

Architects, take note of this design feature (that's an old fashioned doorway inside a modern one, complete with grass).

 Entrance way to Keio University. I will get the other entrance another day (it looks less european).

Canal at night.

 I will have to explore what this guy is selling, but in any case that's a wood stove of some kind on the back of his truck. (ISO 3200, sorry)

Outside of the downtown at night.

I think I'll do a whole series on vending machines. The lower level there, with red in the background are hot drinks. The can comes out hot.


  1. Everything seems so tidy.

  2. And Tommy Lee down there is making sure everything's still boss....

  3. Maybe you can talk smoking meats with the guy with the stove on his truck? If only you spoke the language...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Smoked meats know no language barriers.