Tai - the Sea Bream - King of Fish

It's the fish of celebrations. For more.


Today's Photos

A boat cruise this weekend.
Tokyo from the Bay.


Today's Photos

The trees are starting to drop their petals.


Today's Photos

Another delicious bento.
Who would have thought, a smoked pickle.
5 kinds of citrus represented here for dessert.


Today's Photos

It's been colder lately, so I'm told that the cherry blossoms will stay on the trees longer. See this post for a third sequential shot.

This was delicious corn ramen with miso broth.


Today's Photos

The sakura is probably at its peak now.


Today's Photos

Tokyo Dome. Yomiuri Giants vs. Yokohama Bay Stars.
The Yokohama cheering section. Note the brass section.
Beer is served in the stands by women with small kegs on their backs and neon outfits. Draft beer at your seat.This photo does not quite do her justice.
Regrettably I accidentally deleted the videos I took of the cheers. This video is basically the same though. Very impressive that everyone knows all the cheers for all the different players and can sing them in unison.

Today's Photos

On the way to Tsukiji at 6 am.
Not sure what tool they used for this. It's a loaf of bread that's been hollowed out and then refilled with itself. But the bread has been turned into egg salad and tuna sandwiches. No, they are not separate egg and tuna sandwiches, but egg + tuna in all the sandwiches.Brilliant and tasty.


Today's Photos

This was a delicious bento box.
What an amazing temple this was!
No, that temple is just painted on the covering of the temple scaffolding.


Cherry Blossoms

Getting there:


Imperial Palace

I'm sure you've seen this photo before. Other than the Golden Pavilion, this is probably the most taken photo here.
The defenders of Yasukuni shrine. The controversy over the shrine is interesting.



Domesticated deer.
This is the temple that houses Daibutsu-den. It is the largest wooden building in the world (it used to be bigger before being rebuilt). Inside is an enormous bronze buddha. It's hard to get the scale of the buddha, but you can imagine.
I'm not sure what this was about, but people were climbing through this slot in a giant load-bearing post.
Lots of tours everywhere. That megaphone is directly in that kid's face.

Kyoto, Part 3

Soba with egg and seaweed.
Eel donburi.
The Golden Pavilion.
Ryoan-ji. A buddhist temple with an official rock garden.
The garden at Ryonan-ji.