Nagoya and Takayama

Nagoya Castle.
Where cats have umbrellas.
And the ramen is delicious.
The train ride through the mountains to Takayama.
In the town of Takayama.
A Takayama temple.
And the cemetery within it.
Hida no soto - a world heritage site with some ancient model houses. I did not take any photos of the outside, however.
I've got a circa 1961-2002 shed though.
Another temple.


Today's Photos

I'm back from travels with about 1100 photos. Too many to get through in a single post. I will post photos throughout the week and try to catch up. This about sums up the weather:
The first is from the town of Takayama and the second is Saiho-ji (aka Kokedera (Moss Temple)) in Kyoto.