Today's Photos

At the Pacific Culture Club. Excellent place to try calligraphy, Japanese tea ceremony, listen to the koto, and try on a kimono. The kanji on the left means "girls day" which is March 3. The kanji on the right says "first time, one time" which refers to meeting someone for the first time and the fact that it will never happen again. No pressure.
Sensei is starting the write the kanji for hanami.
More kanji.
Sensei playing the koto. This song is about Mt. Fuji.

And this was part of my dinner at Gankozushi. Delicious.


Today's Photos

Went to Hakone this weekend. Things are really starting to bloom.
Hakone Open Air Museum a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it was a foggy day, so the mountains were hiding.
I don't recall the explanation for this particular piece of art, but you went down the one hole and walked underground and came out the other hole. There is a sunlight hole in between, but it was very dark down there.
Many different types of installations.
Then the fog began to thicken.
This is the same statue as in the second photo.
Then to the sulphur springs at Mt. Soun and Owakudani.

These eggs are cooked in the sulphur hot springs and add 7 years to your life. I ate 2.
Odawara Castle.
A nearby temple.
Mt. Daiyu-zan Saijo Temple.