Today's Photos

At the Nezu Museum:
I could not take photos inside, but here is the garden:


Today's Photos

A rainy day.



Today's Photos

I went to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. It was an indoor street scene that was supposed to mimic Japan in 1958, which is the year that instant noodles were invented. There were different ramen vendors that each sold a different type of ramen (miso based, pork based, soy, etc).
Here was my lunch. Miso-based broth with pork in the Sapporo style. Quite delicious, but heavy.
I stumbled upon the Nissan world headquarters and saw the future.
Yokohama is a place where things are big. This ferris wheel was the largest at the time it was built.
Denied access to the tallest building in Japan (Landmark).

Riding in the ferris wheel, it was possible to see Mt. Fuji.
These machines were rigged.
The largest Chinatown in Japan.