Imperial Palace

I'm sure you've seen this photo before. Other than the Golden Pavilion, this is probably the most taken photo here.
The defenders of Yasukuni shrine. The controversy over the shrine is interesting.



Domesticated deer.
This is the temple that houses Daibutsu-den. It is the largest wooden building in the world (it used to be bigger before being rebuilt). Inside is an enormous bronze buddha. It's hard to get the scale of the buddha, but you can imagine.
I'm not sure what this was about, but people were climbing through this slot in a giant load-bearing post.
Lots of tours everywhere. That megaphone is directly in that kid's face.

Kyoto, Part 3

Soba with egg and seaweed.
Eel donburi.
The Golden Pavilion.
Ryoan-ji. A buddhist temple with an official rock garden.
The garden at Ryonan-ji.