Extensive Photos from Today

I went to Ueno today, which I expected to be laid back, but it was not.

Conveyor belt sushi.

Here are more taiyaki.

Based on an anonymous tip (it was not anonymous, thanks Chris), I tried the fruit punch milk. Worth it.

The park in Ueno is like an enormous Washington Square (sans rastafarians, to my knowledge). There were lots of street performers though. Not pictured.

Hanzo sword? No, that's fiction. But this was a very beautiful katana sword.

Tokyo National Museum's main building.

In 75 words, what is the architectural significance of this:

You have an unlimited amount of time to complete your answer for this:

A shogun cemetery.

Every single cemetery plot was perfectly arranged and maintained.



  1. How nice to memorialize the insects he painted. Does that mean he had to kill them to paint them?

    Are these with your new camera?

  2. I bet sushi tastes better served from conveyor belts

  3. In the cemetery.... The long, inscribed poles--do you know what they are, or what they say? Are they life histories of the person?

    I would really like something like that for my own resting spot.